Time for change – Justin’s story

Time for change – Justin’s story

Everybody’s journey is different, but the Restart Scheme always start with an Employment Adviser understanding our participants’ job goals and their personal circumstances.

When Justin joined the Restart Scheme, he had left his long-term job of 19 years in retail for a career change. However, creating a CV and applying for jobs had become quite challenging for Justin, as a lot had changed since he’d last applied for work.

Justin met with his Employment Adviser, Jordan, who was on hand to assess his strengths, needs and proximity to entering and sustaining employment.

Jordan told us: “Justin’s confidence was low, and as he suffers with a speech impediment, this made it difficult for him to communicate his ideas smoothly. He needed people to be patient and to allow him the time he needs to communicate his thoughts.”

Our trained Employment Advisers work closely with participants to identify the areas that they need supporting in most, to prepare them for entering and sustaining work.

Jordan focused on confidence building with Justin, and together they practised with mock interviews and interview techniques to help give him an idea of what to expect in a real job interview. They created a gold standard CV together which highlighted his work experience, skills, and strengths.

With a boost of confidence, Justin attended a job fair arranged by the Restart Scheme. Jordan had printed out copies of Justin’s new CV, for him to hand out on the day.

At the job fair, Justin got speaking to a local employer about a domiciliary driving vacancy in the care sector. Just a few days after handing his CV over, he was invited to interview, and offered the job!

We offer in-work support for participants once they start work, to ensure they have a smooth transition back into working life, and to assist with any queries they may have.

Jordan told us: “I caught up with Justin recently and he told us how he is enjoying his new job and settling in well. Justin is taking his elderly patients for walks and talks too now, which he told us was his favourite element of the role.

“Following Justin's time on the Restart Scheme, he has been able to overcome his confidence barriers, and improve his interview skills through positive engagement with myself and the team at the office. I am over the moon that he has found happiness in a new career and settled into his new role, and we wish him all the best for the future!”