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Restart Scheme:

Comprehensive support for jobseekers

The Restart Scheme helps long-term unemployed people to start working.

We provide a wide range of support options, including skills training, job application and interview preparation, financial help, online tools and health and wellbeing support.

Working together, we will make a plan and help you achieve your job goal

Our full support

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1 - Your Employment Adviser

You will create a personal job plan together with your Employment Adviser.

They will take time to understand your personal circumstances, experiences and ambitions.

Doing this means we can make sure your job plan and the support we provide is right for you.

It is your Employment Adviser’s job to coordinate all your support and help you progress.

They can help you:

  • Identify the right job goal
  • Update and re-write your CV
  • Job search in the right places
  • Ensure working will make you financially better off
  • Access financial support for training or travel
  • Submit a standout application
  • Practice for an interview
  • Celebrate when you start your new job

2 - Skills Academy

Developing your skills is a good way to improve your employment options.

We offer several different skills training options:

1 - Job Search Training

Support with CV writing and preparing for an interview.

2 - Sector Routeways

Job-specific training for a particular role or sector.

3 - Digital Inclusion

Helping you with IT skills and online job applications.

4 - Qualifications and Courses

Access to free and paid-for work related courses

5 - Executive Coaching

Tailored support for professionals and uni grads.

6 - Self-Employment

Support to develop a business idea.

7 - Positive Mindset

Improving your confidence and resilience.

3 - Online Career Centre

24/7 online support and development tools.

You can access support and training online at any time using our Online Career Centre.

You can try our interview simulator, use cover letter templates, create elevator pitches, take training on workplace skills and go job hunting.

CV 360 will give you an instant feedback score on the quality of your CV and help you to improve it.

Interview 360 will measure your interview performance and provide tips to improve your approach.

Online Career Centre

4 - Work and Wellbeing Centre

Free health and wellbeing support available during your job search.

You can try our Online Wellbeing Check, which will provide an in-depth report on your wellbeing, including your diet, sleeping patterns, financial wellbeing and your personal resilience.

You can also have a personal health review with a specialist Health & Wellbeing Adviser on nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, physical activity, stress and mental wellbeing.

Our support can help you manage any stresses and anxieties you might have as you prepare to get back to the workplace.

We can also help you identify any reasonable adjustments you might need in the workplace and how to manage a health condition while working.

Online Wellbeing Check

5 - Employment Hub

Our Employment Hubs are areas in our offices dedicated to job searching.

We have links with lots of employers across the region in all sectors and at all levels.

Our Employer Services Team will find you exclusive job vacancies that are not advertised anywhere else. You will find these on our Jobs Board.

You can also join our regular employer meetings, taster sessions and jobs fairs.

Computers, phones and printers are available for your use in the Employment Hub and our Local Recruitment Consultants will be on hand to help you with whatever you need.

6 - Your first day at work

With our help, you will find a new job. Your Employment Adviser will be ready to celebrate the good news with you!.

Your Employment Adviser will then arrange a special meeting to discuss the support we can give you while you start working.

We will help you plan your travel and personal arrangements to make sure you are ready to begin your new role.

We will stay in touch once you have started work to make sure everything is going well.

If the job does not work out then do not worry – additional personal support from the Restart Scheme will be available to help you find a new role.