Sustainable work – Maxine’s story

Sustainable work – Maxine’s story

The Restart Scheme offers friendly, expert support for jobseekers who need help to find a job that suits their skills and individual circumstances. When somebody first joins the Restart Scheme, they work with their Employment Adviser to assess their job readiness and develop an individual action plan focused on starting employment.

Maxine had recently been made redundant from a long-term job and was feeling unsure about how and where to start her job search.

During her initial appointment, Maxine was introduced to her Employment Adviser, Mashoora, who was able to provide insight into what the next steps in her job search journey would entail, and how to begin preparing herself. Our Employment Advisers make sure that jobs are relevant to each participant’s skills and experience, offer suitable hours, and pay appropriately.

Mashoora told us:

“Maxine previously worked as a cleaner for various job agencies but found herself out of work for the first time in many years and needed support in finding a new permanent job.

“Together we explored different avenues in the cleaning sector, and completed a Better off Calculation, to give Maxine clarity on how much financially better off she would be back in full time work.”

After reviewing and updating her CV with Mashoora, Maxine was ready to begin searching and applying for jobs, including a domestic cleaner role at her local hospital.

Maxine secured an interview at the hospital and was delighted when she received a job offer. When a Restart Scheme participant secures work, their Employment Adviser will stay in touch to make sure that everything runs smoothly and offer any extra support needed. Mashoora was on hand to support with Maxine’s DBS application and certificate costs. All transport costs for Maxine’s medical checks and training appointments with her new employer were covered by the Restart Scheme, along with vouchers for new work clothes and shoes. This is to ensure going back to work didn’t impact Maxine financially. Once Maxine received her start date, Mashoora ensured she had everything prepared for starting. This meeting covered the further in-work support available, to ensure a smooth transition back into work and to sustain long-term employment.

“We wish Maxine the best of luck in her new role!”