Returning to routine – Sarah’s story

Returning to routine – Sarah’s story

When Sarah was referred to the Restart Scheme, she had been unemployed for 12 months from redundancy, and was nearing the end of counselling sessions for an addiction she had recently recovered from.

Having turned her life around in the last year, Sarah was more determined than ever to find suitable and sustainable work to create a stable routine for her and her family. During her initial appointment, Sarah met with Employment Adviser, John, who listened and understood her situation and future job goals. Together they identified interview experience and having no CV as a barrier for finding work.

The Restart Scheme offers various in-house courses to support with employability skills, which are delivered on a one-to-one basis or group setting. Our team of Employment Advisers are on hand to provide specialist employment support and guidance every step of the way for participants.

John and Sarah created an action plan, which set structure and guidance on what Sarah needed to work towards to reach her end goal. John told us:

“Sarah’s previous job was in hospitality, so she felt limited returning to this sector, as she couldn’t work around alcohol. During her time on the Restart Scheme, Sarah completed in-house courses with us, focusing on transferrable skills and interview skills.

“Sarah’s dream job is to help people like herself who have addictions, so with our support, she has been working to complete online modules in Addiction Counselling and Psychology, funded by the Restart Scheme.”

Funding is available for assisting courses to specific job sectors, and our Employment Advisers can financially support participants to ensure starting work doesn’t leave them out of pocket.

Whilst attending a CV workshop, Sarah created a high standard CV highlighting all her qualities, experiences, and transferrable skills in a professional format, with help from our Skills Trainer.

“Sarah is proactive and has an enthusiastic approach when looking for work, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was invited to interview. To help prepare Sarah, I recapped some of the interview techniques with her, until she felt confident enough.”

Sarah shared: “I’ve felt the support offered all-round by John and the team, and this has boosted my optimism and confidence, not only with getting back to work, but working towards my long-term job goals too. Discussing my situation with someone who was encouraging and never judgmental, gave me the self-belief that I lacked before joining the Restart Scheme.”

After just two months of her journey working with the Restart Scheme, Sarah was offered a job with a catering company at a local college. Sarah continues to study alongside her new job, and still has this as a future goal whilst adjusting to being back in employment. Congratulations Sarah, best of luck in your new role and for the future!