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Resuming my career – Nataliia’s story

Resuming my career – Nataliia’s story

Nataliia joined the Restart Scheme after she moved to the UK from Ukraine to escape the war. She was temporarily staying with a host, so her priority was to start a job that would eventually enable her to find a permanent home for her and her children. An experienced accountant of 10 years, Nataliia had accountancy qualifications, but they weren’t recognised in the UK. This, paired with a language barrier and the need to find work that fit around childcare, made applying for jobs difficult for Nataliia.

Together, Nataliia and her Restart Scheme Employment Adviser, Caroline, worked through the areas in which Nataliia needed support. This included funding an accountancy course to give Nataliia a qualification recognised by UK employers. Caroline also enrolled Nataliia onto some of our in-house courses that are designed to increase confidence and give practical advice on things like searching for jobs and completing application forms.

Caroline shared: “Nataliia had already proactively started an English language course prior to joining, she attends weekly and is close to completing this. I admire Nataliia’s determination, as she arrived the UK with no family, living with a stranger and was prepared to give up all she knew to find a job in any sector.”

With Caroline’s support, Nataliia began to apply for jobs, expanding her search criteria beyond accountancy roles to increase her chances of finding work.

Nataliia told us: “I previously worked as an accountant for ten years in Ukraine, which I loved, but had to leave due to the war.

“I was invited to interview for a Customer Service Manager role, and during the interview I was asked a lot about my life story. The owner was delighted with my work experience, and since being here my Employment Adviser had directed me to complete a Reed Online course, to help me transfer my skills to this country in accountancy.

“I left that interview not with the role I applied for, but I was offered an Accountant role, which I was extremely happy about! They offered flexible working hours to fit around school times, and are supporting me with further courses, so I don’t lose the knowledge that I had built up in Ukraine.

“I can now carry my degree and experience over to this country, I cannot believe I walked out of the interview with my dream role. Caroline supported me with travel costs and vouchers for smart work clothes too which really helped.”

Caroline said: “For Nataliia to resume in a career that she left behind in Ukraine must have been one of my happiest moments as an Employment Adviser. Working with Nataliia, and seeing her strength and determination was rewarding and a pleasure to see. I wish her the best of luck in her new job and on her new chapter in the UK."