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Reaching career goals – David’s story

Reaching career goals – David’s story

When David joined the Restart Scheme, he had a career background in the education sector. With qualifications and work experience as a Teaching Assistant, David was certain this was a career goal he wanted to continue with.

During his initial appointment, he met with Employment Adviser, Clodagh, who was able to determine what areas he needed support in to help him to reach his end goals.

David told Clodagh: “My previous experience with interviews wasn’t great, I’d get to the interview, but couldn’t seem to get past that stage.”

David was able to complete several in-house courses at the Restart Scheme, focusing on self-confidence, resilience, and interview skills.

Clodagh ensured that she focused on interview skills with David on a one-to-one basis, hosting ‘mock interviews’ for practice and focusing on industry questions and answers that he would most likely be asked during an interview for a teaching assistant role.

David attended sessions in ‘Effective Job Searching’ with Clodagh, which provided a clear direction for his career path and showed various ways to search for work in the education sector.

Whilst attending a Restart Scheme Health and Wellbeing event at Gateshead office, David took part in an exercise and nutrition class with Pure Gym and joined a session with Andy’s Man Club.

David also attended a job fair through the Restart Scheme which gave him the opportunity to meet with employers face to face. He got speaking to a local teaching agency and after an informal chat, he was invited to interview for a Teaching Assistant vacancy. The interview was held at the Restart Scheme office and Clodagh was on hand to prepare him with practice questions and answers.

Once Clodagh heard the news of his interview, she was able to provide David with vouchers to buy smart interview clothes and financial support with updating his DBS check ready to start work at his new school.

Congratulations David, we wish you all the best in your career!