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Improving mental health – Adrian’s story

Improving mental health – Adrian’s story

When Adrian joined the Restart Scheme, he told us that he had been made unemployed from his long-term managerial job in Insurance as a result of COVID-19.

He met with his Employment Adviser, Lisa, who got to know his circumstances, experience, and future job goals. After a few appointments, Adrian shared that he already felt more at ease and that coming together for sessions in a social setting was helping to improve his mental health, which had deteriorated.

Adrian wanted to explore other job sectors and wasn’t keen on returning to the insurance industry. He was unsure of what opportunities were available and how to best-utilise his experience and skills in another sector.

During his time on the Restart Scheme, Adrian completed several in-house courses with Skills Trainer, Brian, focusing on transferrable skills, CV workshops and interview techniques. A job became available with a local steel supplier, which suited Adrian’s skills and provided opportunity for future progression.

Safe to say, Adrian made a great impression with his application and was offered the job on the same day of his interview!

“I can't begin to explain how Lisa helped me,” said Andrew. “Prior to joining the Restart Scheme my depression was out of control. I didn’t feel ready to go back to work as my mental health was taking over and holding me back. However, I had to act on this.

“Meeting with Lisa regularly helped me to gradually rebuild my confidence. She found courses and roles that only suited me and my skills which helped me to see what realistic opportunities were out there.

“Here I am, in a new job and very happy, and I look forward to each day at work! Being unemployed when you have worked all your life, puts you in a dark place. Lisa lifted that, and I will always be grateful for her support.”