A positive approach – Tzewan’s story

A positive approach – Tzewan’s story

Hear in her own words, how Tzewan’s employment journey with the Restart Scheme changed her outlook, after a career break of 20 years raising her family.

“I began my journey with the Restart Scheme at a time where I was lacking self-confidence, and feeling negative towards my job search, with the mindset that nothing would go right for me.

“My Employment Adviser, Jamie, was very encouraging and had a positive attitude towards my capabilities, he was always on hand to help me overcome any negative feelings I had by explaining the positives of situations. I feel that the support I’ve received from Jamie and the team at Restart Scheme, has given me the confidence to be able to deal with any situation.

“I enrolled onto a couple of courses, with Skills Trainer, Derek, where I focused on: Interview Skills, Self-Confidence, Customer Service and Digital Skills. These courses helped me to strengthen my self-belief, confidence, and gave me the guidance I needed with how to begin my job search journey.

“Jamie has given me motivation and encouragement and has been able to cover the costs for my new driving license card and passport so that I have the relevant documents and I.D to provide to new employers. Initially, being on Job Seekers Allowance, I was worried about how being in work would affect my housing situation, but Jamie reassured me and together we completed a ‘Better off Calculation’ which showed I could be better off by £150 per week! It was at this point I really started to believe in myself and that I would be better off in work.

“Jamie helped me apply for Universal Credit so that my rent would be paid directly to my landlord, which was a major worry off my shoulders! After all the support I’ve received, from Jamie and the team, my life has turned around for the better!”

After working together to update Tzewan’s CV, she was able to learn how to tailor this to suit specific job vacancies and by using the CV360 tool this gave guidance on the layout and order for each detail on the CV. Using her brand new CV, Tzewan began applying for jobs in the care sector, and with her positive approach, it wasn’t long before she caught an employers attention.

“I am now about to start a new job role, part-time to begin with at a local care home as a Laundry Assistant. Before the Restart Scheme, this is something I thought I could never do, and I couldn’t have done all this by myself without the support I’ve received from Jamie. I am forever grateful for the Restart Scheme; it has been a great experience and journey for me to get to where I am today.”