A new challenge – Aftab’s story

A new challenge – Aftab’s story

Upon joining the Restart Scheme, Aftab met with Employment Adviser, Jonathan who got to know his background, current situation, and future goals over the first few sessions.

Aftab discussed his previous work experience in the security job sector and that he had an expired SIA badge. Working in the security sector was something Aftab wanted to pursue and continue his career in.

At the Restart Scheme, we have priority access to job opportunities in the area, built from the strong relationships we have with local employers. This improves the chances of our participants finding suitable and sustainable long-term employment.

Jonathan told us: “Our Recruitment Manager made me aware of an upcoming job opportunity in retail security, and I was able to contact Aftab immediately with the news and share the vacancy with him.”

Our Employment Advisers are there at every step of the way to support participants back into work, with interview workshops, mock interview sessions, and confidence boosting group sessions.

Aftab attended the office the following day to meet with Jonathan and go through the application form together. Jonathan supported Aftab with updating his CV to a high standard, highlighting all his experience and skills to reflect the application requirements, along with a cover letter.

Aftab felt more confident in applying for jobs than he had previously, and he told us: “I am very happy with the Restart Scheme and all the support that I’ve had towards finding work again.”

Aftab was selected for an interview, where he was offered the job shortly after!

“I feel that I have a lot more confidence now, which is helping me in my new job”, said Aftab. “I am very thankful to Jonathan and the rest of the team at Restart Scheme for their support.

The Restart Scheme were on hand to support Aftab on his financial transition back into work, by providing vouchers to buy new clothes for his new job, and by covering his travel costs until his first pay day.

“My new job is going really well; it is the challenge I needed, and I am really enjoying it!”